Encouragement in Quarantine

Encouragement in Quarantine, a few hopeful thoughts during this tough and uncertain time.

I write this still hunkered down and going about our lives within the confines of home. A true place of peace and normalcy I must say. 

Life goes on even in the midst of what appears to be a crumbling world.

 There are meals to prepare here, life  to tend to and a love for each other that keeps us sane through these hard times. 

I can’t help but feel the anger, confusion and even fear that cry out in the masses of media we expose ourselves to daily. There is no denying that our world is in a  mess right now. I for one have made a conscious choice to limit my exposure. 

Walking my gardens in silent solitude  I started to think. To realize that even in the stress of turmoil there is light. Watching nature, you would never think twice at the disorder that surrounds us. It carries on no matter what fuss we make of the world. The natural world remains in tact.

a grassy lawn with trees and a wheel barrow during quarantine

There is a Light at the end of this dark tunnel. Light in the good. The love. And comforts of everyday living and in the people that surround us. 

Things seem to scream out they’ve changed or possibly this is a farce, nevertheless we must recognize there is always the good to fall back on. To rely on. I know it is there even when it seems dreary. 

We Need Encouragement in Quarantine

The comfort of home. The beauty of a garden. The laughter within your walls and even the love of your country.

a beautiful holyhock shows hope and encouragment in quarantine

Rest assured we are resilient us humans. History reveals to us our tremendous capabilities.

  I know we will go on. Back to normal or possibly a better place then what we see through the discord and confusion.

 If I  have learned anything in my time here it is that when things seem bleak we must be able summon the fortitude to embrace the day. 

I know that time will come. But the time for upheaval seems to be now. 

May we somehow finally bear the understanding  that we are all connected.

May we ask God to help us quiet our minds and show us our grace.

For this too shall pass…


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