Developing Patience

Developing patience and a word to the impatient dreamers.

I am a, do it myself, get my hands dirty, determined, impatient, charge forth type of women. There is nothing that can stop me when my mind is made up. I don’t care about the time, effort, or energy that will be spent, what needs  doing will be done.

developing patience showing a pool, and several empty garden beds along side

 And now that I have said that, let me also say this is not always in my own best interest.

The idea that transformation is an overnight gig has gotten me restless and frustrated more times than I can count.

Somewhere in this stubborn mind of mine, I have taken the waiting out and replaced it with action. 

Knowing in my heart of hearts that transformation is anything but an overnight process. I am saying this more to myself than anyone else reading this. Yet as I write these words, I know at some point that notion will be forgotten. 

My ideas for this small scale farm life and home are HUGE. I want it all. Up and running like a well oiled machine. Not to mention it should also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, produce for me all the abundance and then some. That’s not too much too quickly, right?

deeloping patience carrying a basket of lavender and eggs

Who do I think I am?

Although I am not sure I want to start posing questions only then to answer myself here. But seriously, who do I think I am? 

 I suppose the question is merely to open up the  want to share my thoughts with those who can possibly relate to this impatient, right now mentality.

Like a bull charging forward with only the goal in site and blinders on to avoid the world around him. 

Let me not be this. 

Can I  add here that yes, patience is a virtue, so is diligence and self control.

May I learn these?

Might I have patience, do my diligence in the work ahead and have enough self control to stop forcing things to be quicker.

Could I be so grateful to enjoy the process alongside its transformation that I stop not to question its pace but to appreciate its beauty now. 

In times of slow change, may these words serve as a reminder to stop, appreciate and recognize the major milestones being accomplished in our lives. Both yours and mine.

Taking the blinders off each day  to stop, appreciate things as they are now and only look ahead during moments of action rather than a time of arrival. 

In truth, knowing we have already arrived.

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