Cultivating a Home

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Cultivating a Home, a single moms journey to redo a home and make it our own.

We moved into our house about a year and a half ago. All I knew at that time was I needed to buy a home, any home really. I knew that I had the capability to make it lovely no matter what our budget allowed. That meant if momma had to redo the whole dang thing as we lived in it, then that’s what it would be. We were unbelievably blessed when we stumbled across this house I sit in now.

It didn’t look like much when I first pulled up. But for the price, it had good bones, a large yard and the very best neighborhood I have lived in to date. My neighbors came by individually as I began my month long rush to get it move in ready and introduced themselves. I felt welcomed immediately and safe. What a gem this place was to have found. When I reflect on the journey to get here, I realize God was leading us.

Our First Year

Our first year here was spent fixing a lot of things, really that first month prior to moving was. Paint, flooring, hot water heater, the pool, the roof, the yard oh my word, the yard. The things I continue to find here is unreal.But I continue on, I know the vision for this house.Slowly, I see it turning into the garden, and city farmhouse I have in my mind. I imagine my daughter walking through the garden enjoying all the flowers surrounding it. I think these thoughts are what keep me moving forward. 

Its is incredible to find something you didn’t actually know you were looking for. As we continue down this path of quaint living, having chickens, the garden, the thought of goats one day, I feel more at home here. I stand outside listening to the birds, smiling while I hang my clothes on the line. It’s a nostalgic feeling mixed with peace. I want more of that. 

In this home I have found myself too. Pieces of me that had left years before are suddenly back now. I think it’s the quieting of my mind and the new ability to enjoy just the little things. The sound of the birds in the yard or the sunshine on my skin. I was too busy before, thinking I had to be somewhere, to be successful.

Running myself ragged. It was the hustle mode that makes us all think we should be busy all the time. This concept that has become the norm now. I have lost it and for that I am happiest. I don’t want to teach my daughter that. Being busy does not equal success anymore than being rich will make you happy. 

Fulfillment is found in the small, quiet things. Within yourself where God rests quietly. Waiting for you to take notice. Once you do, you are awake as I am now. Ready to enjoy each day of this life in whatever way you feel suited for. 

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Sharing is Caring

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