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Connecting, Technology & Growth

Sharing is Caring

Connecting, Technology & Growth

I find it incredibly extrordinary how we are able to connect with one another in this era.. Don’t get me wrong, there are many many pitfalls to today’s technology which I may have already expressed on previous posts HOWEVER, I wanted to just touch on this one very positive aspect. 

This very morning, I was listening to a women who is herself a writer and a homeschool mom that I just adore. I would have never stumbled across this women as she lives all the way in New York and I am here in California. But here she is writing her message on instagram today and she got me thinking of some new things I hadnt considered before. 

My hope for this blog is to do the same for another. Maybe get you thinking of life in a different light or possibly give ideas on how to make it more enjoyable or whatever it is. Its about connecting and sharing with other people.

I get so inspired by others and it truly does impact my life for the greater good. I learn new skills, read more, have more interests and things to write about. Its an incredible thing to connect with other people and I find it even more so when you find new interests  you truly love through them. 

I am a homeschool mom, a homemaker, a Realtor, a writer and a gardener. I am not just these things of course but they are roles that make up my life and are front and center to who I want to be in this world. One day very soon I will be the author of a cookbook. I actually have a lady I follow to thank for that. And believe me, when I complete this project, I plan too.

 I am a lover of words as you might have guessed being a writer. I recently stumbled apon this little gem

 “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a sucess unexpected in common hours.”- Henry David Thoreau

Knowing the direction of your dreams  I believe comes from understanding yourself at a deep level. I dove into myself and continue to do so as needed.

 I am a constant work in progress, lest the ever evlovling creatures are we.

It is my belief that throughout our lives there is a continuous learning that should go on with not only ourselves but with life in all aspects. Continously learning new skills, meeting new people, learning about ourselves, learning about others.

Some times we need to move on from people as we do this learning thing. And sometimes we need to stop ourselves and do some reevaluation on our own actions in order to grow.

The beautiful part is that we get to chose who we want to be and we have the option of changing when we see fit. 

Finding inspirational people is a true blessing in this day in age. With that said.

May we find the courage to live how we imagine

May we connect with the people who spark our passions

And help each other grow into the person we ought to be


Sharing is Caring

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