Why You Need a Garden and Resources to Get Started

Today I am discussing why you need a garden and resources to help you get started.

Today has been such a whirlwind of crazy. My desire for this blog is to keep things inspiring and more on the sense of celebrating life. However in all this I realized that you too are experiencing this as well.

Upon my recent visit to the grocery store I was struck with complete panic as I entered. Not realizing the magnitude of the chaos in the world at the moment I naively found my self nervous and uneasy at the entire scene.

I watched the panic stricken shoppers piling their carts with more goods then any one family needed for weeks. The thought whether I needed to be doing the same ran across my mind.

I instead moved through the chaos in search of a good wine for dinner.

I put my hand on a familiar bottle and wondered if I was being foolish. Might this be a mistake?

I stood in the longest line and felt a bit of dijavou as I recalled my many times of experiencing black friday shopping lines.

Could this be worse?

Batteries, dried goods, clorox, and copious amounts of toilet paper.

What happened to our general sense of logic? It appears to be lost for the time being.

As I emerged from the store, through the masses of overstuffed carts, with my bottle of wine in hand.

I realized something.

Something that does not sit well.

In modern times, we are completely reliant on other people and services for our food supply. 100 percent reliant.

This is why we are so panicked. And we know it.

Most of us, don’t know the first thing about a garden or how to care for a fruit tree let alone the countless other skills that might serve us if or if ever our food was compromised.

Growing food is something that has been done for generations but only in the recent times are people completely lost on the topic.

Time and Information

One saving grace we do have in this modern era is information.
Right now, we have been given more time than we know what to do with.

It is my belief that gardening should be on the top of anyones list now or in the future.

If this has taught us anything, could it be that we simply need to rely less on outside sources for our basic needs?

Knowing how to grow food is a life skill no matter what part of the world you live in.

 If the grocery shelves get thinned out and you have fresh veggies at home the worry will be much less for you. 

Three chickens on a compost pile

If you have room, a few hens might not be a bad thing. They are easy to care for and bring an abundance of good to those who keep them. You can learn amore about keeping backyard hens here.

Gardening is a passion for me. One that ignited not too long ago and one I know I will be doing well into old age. But even if that is not that for you, surely you need to eat.

Having this essential skill can truly benefit you and your loved ones. One that you can feel more secure having.

If you’ve never gardened before, I want to encourage you to be a beginner.

To be ok with being new and to start trying to grow just one thing if at all possible.
Even if it’s an herb starter kit from Lowes. Living in the age of technology lends itself to information at your find tips; Thereby, even if lost on the entire process of gardening, you won’t be for long.


Most cities have nursuries that offer free classes either in person or online. A great place to find the event calendars for those is by searching your cities nursuries on facebook.

A big resource as a beginner gardener for me has been and still is YouTube. Charles Dowding is wonderful gardener and great teacher. He is one I go back to time and time again for his simple approach to gardening.

Another wonderful gardener and teacher is Monty Don. He as well can be found on YouTube.

If you are more of the reading type, I also have multiple posts on gardening as well and you can find those here. Some that you may find helpful when just starting out is my Easy To Grow List and also a guide for How to Make Compost.

No matter where the information comes from, find it. Take the time to cultivate even the smallest sense of how to grow anything. 

Believe me it’s a necessary life skill that may even spark a great passion. You will be shocked at the pride and satisfaction growing anything can incite.

Right now keeping putting your hands to something will serve you in tremendous ways.

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